Here’s something new for 2018’s end of year metaphorical sorting and packing away.

I’ve picked out three images from my iPhone camera roll from this year that represent something I want to a) discard, b) celebrate, and c) carry forward into 2019.

Picture [a] is a shot of a sign taken on a coaching training weekend instructing visitors to ‘keep to the path’. I like the image because it reminds me that I seek out unorthodox routes, especially when signs insist (albeit politely) that I conform.

Picture [b] is one taken in the Natural History Museum after I’d just learned I’d secured some repeat business.

It was a goal for the year – not something I could necessarily orchestrate, I hasten to add.

When I’d secured the work (the day before my birthday) I went looking for a memorable image that would act as a reminder for the future. I remember feeling as though I’d finished a very long hard race.

And picture [c] is Richard Wilson’s 20:50 installation at Hayward Gallery – one room filled with engine oil.

I liked the sharp lines, the clarity in the reflections, and the dynamic shapes. I appreciated the impact it had on me when I visited for the press preview.

The artwork felt strong, solid, and clear – words I’d like to carry with me into next year. Words to underpin intent in 2019.

I’ve also given myself a bonus picture – included above – because breaking the rules is allowed. It’s a shot I hadn’t seen before today. I hadn’t realised it had even been taken until today. It features me and an Armenian musicologist nerding out about various exhibits that document the life of Armenian ethno-musicologist Komitas.

My trip to Armenia was a special experience. Its where I listened to endless cello music, discovered the life and works of Khachaturian, and ate a lot of bread and meat.

What pictures would you select from your 2018 photo album and why? Give it a go.

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