Thoroughly Good 2019 Game Plan



Thoroughly Good 2019 Game Plan

Have you got big hopes for 2019 but not sure how you’re going to turn them into reality? Want to avoid time running away with you and a goal slipping through your fingers?

Seize 2019 and make it your own with a one-to-be Thoroughly Good 2019 Game Plan – a 90-minute one-to-one planning session that identifies goals, documents a strategy, and builds motivation for the year ahead.


A 90-minute coaching session during which I’ll help you:

  • determine your goals for 2019
  • identify your strategy to make the goals real
  • help you design a plan of action
  • identify strengths you possess and need
  • explore what might stop from achieving
  • share tips, tricks and tools to manage your project

You’ll finish the session feeling motivated, driven to achieve, and in possession of a realistic achievable plan of action. You’ll also know what to do if things don’t quite go to plan.

Who it’s good for

The Thoroughly Good New Year Planning Session is perfect for:

  • a project, idea or goal you’ve been meaning to complete on but either haven’t got it underway or you’ve run into problems;
  • making an important change to your working life or developing your career;
  • gaining clarity and identifying solutions to a recurring problem at home or work
  • time management, project management, and prioritisation
  • reclaiming family time
  • communication skills

More about Thoroughly Good Coaching

Jon Jacob is a BBC-trained and experienced executive and leadership coach. He works as an executive,

leadership and one-to-one coach under the name Thoroughly Good Coaching.

At the BBC Jon Jacob worked with leaders, editors, producers and journalists in their professional development.

He now works as a freelance coach and team facilitator specialising in professional development in the higher education, PR, and arts sectors. He also works with entrepreneurs supporting them in the development of their businesses.

Make next year Thoroughly Good: grab hold of 2019 and make it your own.

What’s included in the price

  • 20-min telephone conversation/email questionnaire to get your creative thinking underway
  • 90-min 1-2-1 confidential coaching conversation (face-to-face, phone or via Skype)
  • Personalised notes with recommended reading/thinking strategies to support your project
  • 2 follow-up emails to make sure you’re still on track
  • 15% discount on a Thoroughly Good Coaching session

I’ll make contact with you within 24 hours of receiving your order to make arrangements for your 1-2-1 session. If you are purchasing a session for someone else as a gift, please let me know when I make contact with you via email.