Unorthodox Conversations For Distinctive People


My name is Jon Jacob.

I specialise in working with people who want to develop their creative thinking, performance and productivity, and improve their communication skills, not only for themselves but for those they come into contact with.


how i work

We know what we want and how to get there (even if we don’t realise it). We just need someone to help us get started. Having space to bounce ideas around, challenge thinking, and develop solutions is key to moving forward. 

My style is unorthodox. I disrupt. I dress down. I love the joy derived from oblique strategies. I’m not your friend. I’m your critical ally. You set the agenda. I challenge, push, and cajole in pursuit of your goal. And I’ll provide you with accountability. And I’m not afraid to experiment. Or look for the humour in a situation. Coaching sessions are way too valuable to do anything but get to the nub of the challenge quickly; humour is vital.

training and experience

I’m a BBC-trained accredited coach with over 11 years professional experience and 1000+ coaching hours working with individuals and teams in higher education, government, tech, PR, arts and broadcasting organisations.

I work with any level of individual within an organisation, and with people on a private basis. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a chief executive, a director general, a regional lead, or a team member at the beginning of your career. What’s important is that you’re someone who wants to find a solution to a challenge. 

I work best with people who are curious.

My coaching practice is supplemented with content production work. I’m a digital content producer and strategist in the world of classical music, a videographer and a podcast producer, a writer, and presenter. I like to think that means I am more than just a coach. There’s a bit of real-world stuff there, if you see what I mean.

who i work with

I work with executives and leaders in multinational organisations across the media, leisure, entertainment, beverages, finance and banking sectors. I’ve also worked with individuals in the arts, higher education, UK government. For further details on specific organisations, please contact me using the email address below.  

contact and rates

Send me an email for a bit of a natter. No obligation. We’ll use the time to explore what you’d like to work on. We’ll talk about how we could work together. 

There are rates available for one-off sessions and packages for commercial, private clients, students, plus not-for-profits and those organisations with charitable status.

Email me at to arrange a meeting on Zoom, Teams or WhatsApp.