“Jon Jacob posesses a razor sharp wit, an unusually large knowledge of the media and an unnerving ability to pick up on and then drill into, the smallest level of self-doubt.This was the most productive and revealing time I have spent on professional development in the last year.”

Coaching client feedback from the managing director of an international PR firm, August 2018

Who and What

My name is Jon Jacob. If you don’t already know, I’m a BBC-trained, International Coach Federation-accredited Executive, Management and Life Coach.

The quote at the top of this page is from one my most recent clients – a managing director.

As a professionally-accredited coach I’m bound by rules that ensure confidentiality, so I can’t reveal names of individuals or the organisations they work for.

But you can discover more about the people I work with – people who need to develop their thinking, build their motivation and increase their confidence – on the Thoroughly Good Coaching Case Studies page.

How I work

My style is unorthodox.

I disrupt. I dress down. I love the joy derived from oblique strategies.

I’m not your friend. I’m your critical ally.

You set the agenda. I challenge, push, and cajole in pursuit of your goal. And I’ll provide you with accountability.

Who I work with

I’ve worked professionally as a coach for five years. During that time I’ve teamed up with individuals and groups in higher education, government, tech, PR, arts and broadcasting organisations.

I work with any level of individual within an organisation. I also work with people on a private basis. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a chief executive, a director general, a regional lead, or a team member at the beginning of your career. What’s important is that you’re someone who wants to find a solution to a challenge.

I’m not only a coach

Importantly, I fuel my coaching practice with content production. I’m a digital content producer in the world of classical music, a videographer and a podcast producer.

Contact Me

Contact me on 07768 864655 or jon.jacob@thoroughlygood.me.

We’ll meet for a no-obligation meeting initially – a chance for both of us to determine whether we want to work together – during which we’ll discuss what rate works for you.